Welcome to my eFolio. My name is Laszlo Hunyadi, I will be graduating in May with a Major in history. Here you will find a compilation of webpages devoted to chronicling my time spent at Holy Cross College. At Holy Cross College, I have experienced a myriad of people, classes, and events that have shaped me in my college journey.

     My journey through Holy Cross College has been one that has not been typical of a college student. After Graduating high school I chose to attend Holy Cross because it was close to home and had the small classes and personal professor interaction I desired. After several semesters at the school that I had not done well, I decided to leave Holy Cross for what I believed to be an easier college experience at the local state community college. Here I became very unhappy, as the classes were less difficult as I imagined, but lacked the depth and sincerity that i had received at Holy Cross. Once again I had decided to leave yet another college but this time for good. After almost two years of not attending any school an encounter with a Holy Cross admissions councilor had convinced me to give Holy Cross another try.

     Now with the motivation of a coming marriage, I am still at Holy Cross finishing my degree. Through the Pillars of Internship, Global Experience, Service Learning and my upcoming Capstone Presentation along with the constant focus of the growth of my Mind, Body and Spirit, I will be prepared to graduate and more importantly prepared to accomplish my goal of obtaining a career.